Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Hijacked Scrap Space

WOAH!...Hold on to your hats scrappy peeps...2 posts in one day!!!!! Shocking!!!!

OK, so I went to go down to my scrappy area to possibly do some creating last night, when lo and behold it had been hijacked by my daughter...she needed to make some pages for her Grade 11 Parenting class culminating project. No biggie, this was homework & I really didn't know what I was going to do anyway.

Earlier in the semester, she had to bring home the Real Care Baby (RCB) for a weekend to experience what it would be like to have to care for an infant for a few days. The whole experience had her so stressed out. She was really the only one supposed to care for the baby. The RCB has a sensor on it's back and the "parent" wears a sensor on a wrist band (that you can't remove) & you have to scan it with in 2 minutes of it fussing &/or crying or it is recorded as a miss-care. It will fuss at all hours too. Needless to say, Em was very happy when the weekend was over. She feels that it was a great experience though, but not one that she wants to have again any time soon! My personal opinion is that this should be mandatory for all students when they are in grade 9 health...great way to deter early pregnancy...but that is JMHO!

Back to my space being hijacked. She started making her layouts at 8pm and was done 8 layouts by 10:30!!!!!! Holy free-holies batman....that's a lot of layouts. Not even sure if my bestie (who is a speed scrapper in her own right) can compete with that. I wish that I had a quarter of Em's creativeness!!!!

Here is a pic of Em wearing the weighted pregnancy belly...not something that I want to see any time soon.

Here are the layouts that are going into the baby scrapbook. I like that she didn't choose traditional baby paper & colours....since I don't have any and she raided my stash :)


Great job Em! Not too bad for someone who hasn't scrapped in over 2 years, eh?

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