Friday, April 8, 2011

Share, Share, Share

Reminds me of the Sparks (the youngest sisters in the Girl Guiding family) Motto...
"I promise to share and be a friend."
What a wonderful thing to teach a child!

Some people may ask me why I started this blog. Well.........I guess that I would have to say that it is to share my love of scrapping with you. As many who share this hobby know~ scrap-bookers have a compulsive need to share....

  • to share layouts
  • to share cards they have made
  • to share sketches they love
  • to share new techniques
  • to share stories
  • to even share a tutorial or two
Blogging really isn't that much different than scrapbooking....just a digital form of scrapping and can share your journal (yes that dreaded thing journalling ***banging head against wall***) pour your heart into it.

Here are some of my layouts that I love that I would like to share....

I have some great friends who already blog and I love reading about what they are doing...scrapbook related or not. I hope that you will come back and enjoy what I have to share!

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  1. very nice layouts Shannon and welcome to the blogging world!