Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Early Birthday Present

Ok, so I have been drooling over these handmade bags for MONTHS! Months I tell ya. I found them on Etsy. I loved all the fabrics...reminded me of all my favourite scrapbook pattern papers. Mmmmmmmmmm pattern paper....feel it....touch it......wipe drool from mouth.....WHA????? Oh yeah, my story. Well, I was reading her blog http://www.snugglens.blogspot.com/ and saw that she was cutting way back on the amount of bags due to a health issue. After showing my DH the bags and he said that I should order on for my upcoming birthday. Judy had also been putting up prospective bags on Facebook. I told her which one I liked, but told her no rush if she wasn't feeling well.

That weekend, she ended up making a handful of bags, mine included and sent me a message. I promptly ordered one. That was back in February. I received it this weekend. DH's ship was passing by Detroit and the mailboat delivered my parcel to him.

I am so in love!!!!

Here is my new camera bag. Look at all the extra room! She even makes matching camera straps.
Thank you Honey.....I love you!!!!!!

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  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to order one for myself.