Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Cards

This past weekend, we got to go to visit friends of ours who had twins back in October. They had a boy and a girl. You may remember that I made keepsake cans for a shower gift for them back in August. They had a boy and a girl...Freddie and Rosalyn. They are soooooo cute! As baby gifts, my Mom lovingly sewed quits, knitted sweaters and car seat blankets for each of the babies for me (thanks're the best!). Here are the cards that I included with the gifts.

I am "Vary" happy with how the cars turned out and Zoe loved them too!

When I made the can, I said that I would add the baby's names later. Here is a picture of the cans with the names added this morning.

I love the final product!

Thanks for looking!